Nordic skiing and ski mountaineering in Media Valtellina

The perfect destination for a “slow vacation”, without forgetting sports

In the Aprica and Trivigno area, winter sports enthusiasts who want to experience the mountains in a slow and relaxed way can enjoy cross-country skiing (or Nordic skiing), the ideal activity to train the mind and body, to get in perfect harmony with the environment and to appreciate its beauty and essence.
In addition, for those who cannot give up the physical effort, there are many routes dedicated to lovers of classic ski mountaineering that allow you to reach the Alpine peaks safely and enjoy breathtaking views: space and time seem to stop and the rustling of the wind through the trees gives a magical symphony that accompanies the climb and transforms it into a unique experience!

A real open-air gym, where numerous paths and trails are embedded in a fascinating landscape. In the splendid Trivigno basin, fans of "narrow skis" can try a 7 km loop, while in Pian di Gembro, in the heart of the Natural Reserve Pian di Gembro, the 7.5 km trail winds through a fairytale landscape in the woods.

For lovers of ski mountaineering, Aprica, Trivigno and Prato Valentino offer paths and trails that lead hikers to the tops of the mountains, from where they can admire the surrounding panorama in 360°, such as: the trail "Tumel" in Aprica, which reaches 2.000 m passing snowy woods and clearings. The trail "Trivigno-Padrio", which goes from the cross-country skiing centre of Trivigno to the summit of Mount Padrio at 2.150 m, from where you can enjoy a unique 360° panoramic view (on a really clear day, looking west, the characteristic sharp profile of the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso group), the trail "Monte Brione", which starts from Prato Valentino and is a feasible route only for a short period of the year because of its southern exposure, but a very satisfying one offering the vast panorama of the Orobie Alps.

Alpine Guides and rental shops for ski equipment are available in all ski resorts.

Before setting off on a tour, find out about the snow and avalanche bulletins and the snow conditions on the routes at the info points in the respective area or from the Alpine Guides.

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