Recipes from Media Valtellina, between tradition and taste

A gourmet journey to discover and enjoy the authentic, genuine and traditional flavours of a territory

Media Valtellina is an area known for its natural beauty, its villages rich in history and culture, but also for its passion for good food. In fact, there are many Valtellina recipes that have always told the identity of the territory, the love for good food and the traditions handed down from generation to generation, with typical dishes that can warm the heart of any guest. Ancient recipes, difficult to resist, that do not require elaborate preparations, in which the typical mountain products and ingredients of the peasant tradition are the protagonists, for example alpine butter and alpine cheese as well as buckwheat, an ingredient that in the past was the basis of the peasant diet because it resists the local cold winter.

First and second courses, but also desserts for a tasty end to a meal - there is something for everyone!

From the famous Pizzoccheri, undoubtedly the main dish of Valtellina cuisine, whose authentic and traditional recipe is preserved by the Accademia del Pizzocchero di Teglio; to the Chisciöi, tasty pancakes with a heart of Valtellina Casera PDO cheese that can be found on every table in Tirano; to the Bisciola, a simple dessert that is also never missing in Valtellina and that offers the aromas and typical flavours of local cuisine in every single bite.

Finally, the aromatic condiment par excellence, typical of the gastronomic tradition of Valtellina, is Pesteda di Grosio, a spice with a strong and decisive flavour, that comes from an ancient recipe that uses typical spices and aromatic herbs typical of the Valgrosina used together with salt, pepper and garlic.

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