Towers and castles in Media Valtellina

Symbols par excellence of the territory that tell and remember the ancient history of Valtellina

Thanks to its geographical position connecting Italy and Europe, Valtellina, and in particular the Media Valtellina, has always been of great strategic importance and has seen numerous populations in its history. For these reasons it was a land rich in castles and fortresses built for defence against enemies: today only the ruins of these fortresses are left. The Grisons, who ruled in Valtellina for some centuries, from 16th to 18th century, dismantled the fortifications, with the reason to eliminate any sign of the power that preceded them.

Among the remains of castles that are absolutely worth visiting: the Castles of Grosio (Castello di S. Faustino and Castello Nuovo), which dominate the hill of the well-known Rock Engraving Park; Castello Santa Maria "Il Castellaccio" in Tirano, built by Ludovico Sforza known as “il Moro”; the majestic Torre De Li Beli Miri, which is considered the symbol of Teglio due to its position of power and its spectacular viewpoint; the castles of Pedenale in Mazzo in Valtellina, an example of a complex defensive system, as well as the castle of Bellaguarda, surrounded by nature near the village of Tovo Sant'Agata.

If you want to spend a day discovering the medieval castles in Media Valtellina, it is best to take the Sentiero dei Castelli, which connects eight municipalities in the surrounding area of Tirano, is easy to follow on foot or by bike and crosses beautiful chestnut groves, apple orchards and vineyards.

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