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The region of Tirano and Media Valtellina (the central part of the valley) is where nature, history, flavours, and tradition converge. Geographically speaking, there’s a lot going on: not only is it at the crossroads of Alta and Bassa Valtellina (the lower and upper parts), but it also sits between Switzerland and Valcamonica, Italy.

The area covers 12 municipalities that run through the heart of Valtellina, laid out in the valley between Teglio and Aprica and past Tirano towards Grosio. Rich in history, culture, gastronomy and traditions, this area is home to both acclaimed winter and summer tourist resorts as well as tucked-away little hamlets that have their own very special charm.

In a destination with such unspoilt nature and tranquil mountain landscapes, it provides an inimitable experience for tourists, with so much to choose from. It’s the ultimate place to practice sports of all types, with everything for families with small children right through to extreme sports. The ski areas are fully equipped, providing facilities for Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and snow-shoeing in the winter, plus trails for hiking or biking come summer. In short, there’s something for everyone.

The landscape is steeped in history, and the inhabitants of generations past have left their mark on the land. You’ll see numerous sanctuaries, churches, palazzi, and historic sites such as towers, castles and medieval gates that have borne witness to the past and now testify to Tirano and the rest of the Media Valley’s role as a veritable cultural epicentre.

It’s not just about outdoor sports and artistic and historic grandeur, though: Media Valtellina is a true feast for the palate, and you can’t end your trip without having tasted the local gastronomic specialities. Heap your plate with Pizzoccheri or Chisciöi, but leave room for certified bresaola and cheese (IGP and DOC certified, respectively), which add a uniqueness to whatever dish you’re having. To drink? Select from Valtellina’s wide choice of DOC and DOGC certified red wines.

For the most unforgettable views at any time of the year, Tirano is also the departure point for the celebrated Trenino Rosso del Bernina, which sets off from the town on its way to Switzerland. Expect to travel through blossoming Alpine meadows come summer, and a snowy wonderland during the winter.


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