Aprica, Pian Gembro and Trivigno on your e-bike

An easy route around awe-inspiring Aprica and its surroundings

Suitable for all abilities, this route sets off from Aprica on an objectively beautiful trail that traverses the Pian di Gembro nature reserve en route to Trivigno, an unspoilt gem tucked in the central part of Valtellina. As the gradient stays fairly mellow (rarely exceeding 10%), it’s ideal for newbie bike riders as well as fitter, more advanced cyclists – all it requires is the desire to be in the outdoors, soaking up the fresh air as you pedal, and an appreciation of the scenery, which – truth be told – is pretty special. 
A paved road takes you across the nature reserve and up to an elevation of 1,560 metres. Turn right at the junction onto a dirt track to Trivigno, not far from the cross-country ski track car park, passing Alpe Strencia and below the slopes of Monte Giovello.

Once you’ve caught your breath at the top, you’ll start the descent down to Albergo Paradiso before a short stretch of gravel takes you back to Alpe Strencia. From here, take the paved road back to Pian di Gembro. Take a short rest here and do a quick loop of this natural oasis, set to a backdrop of the stunning Adamello mountain range. Once you’ve had your fill of the scenery, drop back to Aprica.


33 Km
2-3 h
Starting point
End point
summer, autumn
Elevation (start): 1.174 m
Elevation (finish): 1.790 m
Climbing: 800 m
Climb: 16 km
Descent: 15,3 km
Flat: 1,7 km
Ave. gradient: 5%
Max. gradient: 10%

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