From Vervio to Schiazzera by e-bike

Technical but achievable ride for eMTB riders with advanced skills

Technical but achievable, this ride asks a lot of both bike, rider and motor with a big distance, a lot of climbing, and multiple sections of 15%-plus gradients.
There’s a paved road from Vervio to Rogorbello, which is where the gradient ramps up and you’re faced with a succession of hairpins, passing several clusters of houses before reaching Susen, a beautiful spot with some wide open meadows and pretty views over Valtellina. The route keeps climbing here – turning into a steep gravel track that navigates around some impressive rockwalls.  The final, lung-opening steep section of the ride comes just after you’ve passed the car park and the cascading water of the Saiento mountain river. Don’t worry – this stretch of mule track is over in an instant in turbo mode. However, if you’re not able to keep the bike upright, it’s best to park it here. As you tip over the top of the ramp, you’ll arrive at Rifugio Schiazzera, the restructured former financial police barrack.

32,2 Km
3-4 h
Starting point
End point
summer, autumn
Start location: 550 m
Destination: 2080 m
Climbing: 1530 m
Climb: 16,16 km
Descent: 16,16 km
Flat: 0 km
Total distance: 32,32 km
Ave. gradient: 8%
Max. gradient: 10%

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