Grosio’s Rock Engraving Park – Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri

Go back millennia to explore history, art, and the outdoors at Grosio’s archaeological park 

The hills between Grosio and Grosotto are where you’ll find the most important evidence of Valtellina’s history etched into stones. The Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri has more than 5,000 petroglyphs, some of which date back to the end of the Neolithic Age (4000 BC). Look out for the shield-wielding man holding a stock or little sword.

This extraordinary archaeological site – one of the biggest engraved rocks in the Italian Alps – is called the Rupe Magna. It was discovered in 1966, when an archaeologist found traces of rock engravings depicting anthropomorphic figures, geometric shapes and animals. There are two further fascinating sites to explore in this hilltop park: the ruins of the tenth/eleventh-century Castle of San Faustino (Castello Vecchio / Old Castle) and the Castello Nuovo (New Castle), a defensive castle built between 1350 and 1375 for strategic purposes.

Not just a fascinating site for archaeology buffs and historians, the park is an endless cache of rustic beauty and biodiversity. For anyone that appreciates the outdoors, history or ancient art, this of-another-time park is a must-visit. Typical for Valtellina, the steep gradients of the Dosso dei Castelli (the hill inside the park with the castles) have been shaped into dry stone terraces over centuries to grow grape vines, one of the valley’s most common agricultural traditions.
Every traveller should take a moment to admire the incredible sight of the Rupe Magna set amongst chestnut trees and Valtellina’s breath-taking natural beauty and mountain peaks.

Info and details

Opening Hours
Guided visits “Alla scoperta del Parco” (Discovering the Park)
Summer (01 April – 01 November / Tuesday – Sunday): Guided tours at 10.30, 14.00 and 16.00.
Winter (02 November – 31 March / Every Saturday and Sunday): Guided tours at 10.30 and 14.00.
Booking is advisable.

Entrance Fees
Adults ( >18 years) 6.00 euro
Youth (11 – 18 years) 3.00 euro
Free for under 10s.
If you are coming in a large group or trip, please get in touch at least 48 hours before your expected arrival at the park so that a special guided tour can be arranged.

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