'Pestèda': the condiment per eccellenza, made in Grosio

A tightly guarded secret by the inhabitants of Grosio, this is a secret recipe blend of herbs that enriches the flavour of every meal

Pestèda is the most famous and flavourful condiment from Grosio’s culinary heritage. While it’s well suited to every dish, it goes particularly well with traditional Valtellina cuisine, lending not only a unique flavour to pizzoccheri, but also to vegetables, meat dishes, soups, and more. 

Derived from the Italian words ‘pestata’ and ‘picchiata’ (pounded and beaten), pestèda consists of a crushed blend of garlic, salt, pepper, achillea nana (dwarf Alpine yellow) leaves, and wild thyme from Val Grosina. If you’re from Grosio, your family are likely to have their very own recipe, an age-old tradition carefully handed-down from generation to generation, which may or may not include wine, brandy, grappa, or juniper berries. 

To ensure that this small but precious heritage does not die out, Grosio have launched the "Confraternita Amici della Pestèda" to protect the condiment and each year they organise a contest to find the best homemade blend, crowning it “La miglior Pestèda."


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