The Alpine Eco-Wildlife Observatory: the magic of being amongst the animals

25 hectares, 2 brown bears, 1 designated route for all ages to rediscover the Orobic Alps

Set in the heart of the beautiful Parco delle Orobie in the district of Aprica, the Osservatorio Eco-Faunistico Alpino di Aprica (The Alpine Eco-Wildlife Observatory) spans 25 hectares of unspoilt Alpine scenery. There’s an educational trail that winds through the park and will appeal to all generations – you can learn more about the wildlife and species that live in the Orobic Alps in this inspirational spot.

Set up and managed by the natural biologist Bernardo Pedroni, it is a one-of-a-kind observatory, in which the animals roam freely without restrictive fences, and this lets visitors experience the wildlife in complete safety–just metres away from them. A hit with tourists from across Europe, expect to see chamois, ibexes, roe deer, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, tits, squirrels, small amphibians and many more.
In 2019 two Alpine brown bears were added to the list of residents in the park and these fine specimens can now be observed living freely in their natural habitat.

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Guided tours are in the morning, prior booking at the Aprica Infopoint, by calling +39 0342 746113.


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