The “de li beli miri” tower in Teglio with its top views

A centuries-old landmark that’s testament to the majestic past of this mountain town

On a hilltop just south of Teglio’s centre, there are a few remains of its castle Castrum Tilii to visit, including the Roman-era tower, which is the most conspicuous.
A textbook example of medieval military architecture, it was built in the archetypal square style with loopholes and an elevated entrance, a few metres off the ground.

Sat amongst the pine trees, its hilltop location provides the ultimate viewpoint to admire the valley. Thanks to the most recent restoration work, there’s an internal staircase to reach the top of the tower, where the view is taken (quite literally) to new highs. Look east towards Mazzo and west for a view that stretches around 50 km towards the little summit of Dazio, near Morbegno.

The ancient Castrum Tilii, which also included a chapel called the Church of Santo Stefano that you’ll still find on the hilltop, was once the fulcrum of this ‘castellanza’ fortified district’s defensive system and positioned strategically to communicate with the rest of the valley.

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