The Prato Valentino to Dos Lau' trail

A walk with the wow factor and views over the Adamello and Orobic alps

Something of a natural balcony, Prato Valentino should be your first stop if you are looking for views over the Orobic Alps. With approximately 390 metres of climbing, the Dos Lau’ circular walk rewards those who choose to hike it with some of the most stunning views imaginable.

To get these dizzyingly beautiful views, start at the car park in Prato Valentino and head west on the trail. You’ll pass a few houses near the Baita del Sole and will soon spot the first sign. Join the road above you and look for the next sign. Keep climbing until you reach Saline and Dos Lau’. You’ve made it this far, now follow the signs back downhill to where you began your walk.

Between December to February, standard snowy winter walking equipment is recommended for this route (suitable hiking footwear, snowshoes, and poles).

7,0 Km
2,50 h
Starting point
Prato Valentino, Teglio
End point
Prato Valentino, Teglio

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