The Via Albula – Bernina: Alpine paradise

A hiking trail that runs along the Albula and Bernina railway line from Thusis to Tirano

The Via Albula-Bernina is a stunning hiking route that will spoil you with views at it coasts along the UNESCO-listed Albula and Bernina railway lines. The very picture of harmony between what’s human-made and the world’s raw, untouched nature, the first stretch follows the Albula line from Thusis up the valley past Fuorcla Crap Alv and into the stunning Val Bever – from here, you can make a slight detour through the Upper Engadin to Switzerland’s most stylish resort of St Moritz. The four stages that head south take you across the Passo del Bernina and into Valposchiavo before dropping down to finish in the lovely town of Tirano, which sits in the central part of Valtellina.  
Split into 10 stages, the 130 km hiking route is a journey of discovery through a wild and varied landscape that’s at the intersection of three linguistically and culturally diverse regions, featuring picture-perfect high mountains, Alpine panoramas and subtropical scenery. A number of UNESCO-listed sites line the route, just waiting to be admired, alongside bridges, viaducts, helical tunnels and numerous, well-located train stations of the Albula and Bernina Railways that serve as your loyal companion and render the route so accessible. After all, if your legs begin to feel weary, you can hop on the Bernina Express at the next station, sit down and enjoy the stunning views from the comfort of the carriage with its panoramic windows.

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