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Discovering Valtellina’s ruby-coloured treasure: DOC and DOCG wines

What’s a visit to the central part of Valtellina without taking the time to taste some wine at one of the many wine cellars that produce the valley’s ruby-coloured treasure? Viticulture is synonymous with this region, and it is seen as heroic work – the vineyards are built on steep slopes and it’s a strenuous labour of love, done by hand, with no shortage of risks. But the more effort you put in, the more rewards you take home, in the form of distinctive wines that are unlike anywhere else thanks to the quality of the terroir and climate. From the ruby red of the Sforzato di Valtellina (known as ‘Sfursat’ in dialect) created with hand-selected Nebbiolo grapes, to the intense, fruity aromas of Valtellina Superiore DOCG, produced in five sub-zones: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, and Valgella.

Home to some of the most prestigious winemakers in the valley, Tirano is the ultimate wine getaway, welcoming wine lovers to taste its great local wines and get acquainted with the region’s centuries-old traditions and flavours. You can visit the Cantina Plozza in Tirano, an acclaimed winery that has repeatedly won awards over the years. It is a magical place that truly pays homage to nature, with wine-makers that have dedicated themselves to producing noble wines, rich in flavours, and full of passion. Back in 1946, it was here that the unmistakable Sforzato first spilled out into a glass to be enjoyed.

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Via Cappuccini, 26 
+39 0342 701297
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Just a few kilometres outside of Tirano in the village of Bianzone stands Tenuta La Gatta. A right-of-passage for lovers of Valtellina wines, you can easily while away a few hours in this grand winery. Take a stroll through the vines and visit the ancient cellars before settling down to sample the wines made with the Nebbiolo grape. Triacca wines are served alongside an authentic Valtellinese menu, relying on assiduously sourced, locally produced sausage, handmade pizzoccheri, cheese and desserts.

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 Via Gatta, 33 
 +39 0342 720004 
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Not to be overlooked, the Cantina Caven Camuna is a young winemaker with a history that goes back to 1982. The winery’s name draws inspiration from the fact that petroglyphs dating back to the Camuna civilisation (back in the Iron Age) were discovered in the locality of Caven, where the winery calls home. There’s a fascinating trail leading right through the vines that explores this history, called the ‘Sentiero archeologico di Caven’, pitching winemaking innovation alongside archaeological art of the past.
For information and to book a guided tour with tasting:
 Via Caven, 1
 +39 0342 482631
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