Golden Pizzochero and Weekends of Taste

Teglio, from 3rd  September to 27th  November 2022

Teglio, considered the gastronomic capital of Valtellina and home of pizzoccheri, offers during the autumn several weekends dedicated to taste the pizzoccheri of the Accademia del Pizzocchero and other dishes of the local tradition skilfully reworked by the chefs of the restaurants in Teglio.

Golden Pizzocchero: 3rd -4th  / 10th -11th  / 17th -18th  / 24th -25th  September 2022
Mushroom Weekends: 1st -2nd  / 8th -9th  / 15th -16th  October 2022
Venison Weekends: 22nd -23rd  / 29th -30th  October / 5th -6th  November 2022
Autumn Flavours Weekends: 12th -13th  / 19th -20th  / 26th -27th  November 2022

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The region of Tirano and Media Valtellina (the central part of the valley) is where nature, history, flavours, and tradition converge. Geographically speaking, there’s a lot going on: not only is it at the crossroads of Alta and Bassa Valtellina (the lower and upper parts), but it also sits between Switzerland and Valcamonica, Italy.

The area covers 12 municipalities that run through...

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