Tirano and Media Valtellina

Situated in the heart of Lombardy, Media Valtellina is a mountainous region known for its striking natural beauty, where the fusion of culture, the outdoors, and a rich gastronomic heritage combine to create the ultimate holiday. Whether you’re an outdoor lover keen to partake in summer and winter mountain sports or a tranquillity-seeker looking to escape the city and seek relaxation amongst the region’s idyllic hamlets, Tirano and Media Valtellina’s beautiful views and authentic flavours know exactly how to please.

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The region of Tirano and Media Valtellina (the central part of the valley) is where nature, history, flavours, and tradition converge. Geographically speaking, there’s a lot going on: not only is it at the crossroads of Alta and Bassa Valtellina (the lower and upper parts), but it also sits between Switzerland and Valcamonica, Italy.

The area covers 12 municipalities that run through...

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