A territory to savour: Media Valtellina

A journey in search of small and large local delicacies and typical products that offer tasty, authentic and healthy delights

A holiday in Media Valtellina is undoubtedly a journey through flavours: the whole area is indeed famous for its culinary and wine specialities and its traditions, which are reflected in the landscape,  in the places of production and in their flavours, offering new colours, views and scents from one season to another.

There are many typical products marked DOP and IPG that have now become the spine of Valtellina's food and wine tradition and that you should try at least once in your life: Bresaola IGP, light and genuine, one of the symbolic products of the area, unique and inimitable in taste and aroma thanks to the climate and healthy mountain air; Apples IGP, one of the crops that characterise the area with more than 1.000 hectares under cultivation, with different varieties such as Stark Delicious, crisp and aromatic, characterised by its bright red colour, or Golden Delicious, the sweetest of all, and the Summer Gala, which usually ripens in mid-August; Honey, which comes from a centuries-old beekeeping tradition; the Valtellina Casera DOP and Bitto DOP cheeses, which still retain the authenticity, goodness and excellent quality of once thanks to the preservation of the old cheese tradition.
Throughout the year, the territory organises a series of tasty weekends to get to know the local products and offer a rich culinary experience.

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