In Media Valtellina between trekking and hiking

Breathtaking views for a family hike in unspoilt nature

Media Valtellina is the ideal destination for visiting new places, small villages in Valtellina, enjoying green landscapes, breathing fresh, healthy mountain air, spending a few days relaxing and enjoying the sun on long walks surrounded by nature, admiring the majestic Rhaetian Alps and the crystalline rocks of the Orobian Alps.

In fact, the area offers numerous possibilities and itineraries for trekking lovers of all ages and levels, whether beginners or more experienced hikers. From the simplest walks, also suitable for the youngest hikers, for a family day out in the unspoilt nature of the Parks and Nature Reserves, to discovering the trails leading to the highest and most famous peaks, always with the possibility of stopping in a shelter or bivouacs.

Tirano and its surroundings offer visitors a variety of walks and excursions, many of which are immersed in the terraced vineyards that characterise this area. The Via dei Terrazzamenti is a pedestrian itinerary, about 70 km long and suitable for everyone, which runs from Tirano to Morbegno through the picturesque vineyards, offering the opportunity to visit along the hike numerous historical and artistic, civil and religious buildings that tell the local history; the Sentiero del Contrabbando (Smugglers’ Route), about 16 km long, which winds its way along the Rhaetian side of the Valtellina, climbing up to Baruffini following the wine road, and crossing all the small villages that were the scene of smuggling for many years. Smugglers who, with the "gerla" on their shoulders, mainly transported coffee or cigarettes across the border to Switzerland; the Sentiero dei Castelli, which winds along the valley floor through apple orchards, chestnut groves and vineyards, on an evocative route among churches, towers and castles of remarkable importance for the history of the area; the Cammino Mariano delle Alpi, a route to enhance Marian sanctuaries that starts from the Basilica of Madonna di Tirano and develops along the western route to Piantedo in Bassa Valtellina and the eastern route to Alta Valtellina; the Via Albula-Bernina, from Tirano to Thusis in Switzerland, running alongside the UNESCO World Heritage section of the Rhaetian Railway, offering magnificent views of a centuries-old work of art between bridges, viaducts, helical tunnels and old railway stations. Not far from Tirano, going up from Grosio, you reach Valgrosina, an ideal place for excursions and hikes, a splendid valley, rich in woods and alpine pastures, which allows visitors to enjoy enchanting landscapes in a still intact and natural environment.

Finally, in the splendid Natural Reserve Pian di Gembro, there are numerous trails immersed in the silence of unspoilt nature and where it is possible to admire the fauna and flora that have always characterised the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi: a true piece of paradise!

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