The beautiful Cammino Mariano delle Alpi

An all-ability walk that brings you closer to history, tradition and faith

Conceived in March 2019 and now in the process of execution, the Cammino mariano delle Alpi pilgrimage route is an important religious, cultural and tourism-driven project in Valtellina. Tracing a route through the valley, the hiking itinerary incorporates several shrines to the Virgin Mary before reaching the Basilica of the Madonna di Tirano — the most significant sacred monument in the province and proclaimed the ‘celestial patroness of all of Valtellina’ by Pope Pius XII in 1946.

There are two route options: the 91km Via Occidentale (western approach) from Piatedo to Tirano (and the 66km Via Orientale (eastern approach) from Bormio to Tirano.
Walking along the Cammino Mariano delle Alpi – the Marian Way of the Alps – brings you not only into close contact with the landscape and its unmistakable beauty, but with the stories and lived experiences of those who worship the Virgin Mary in Valtellina, discovering the ancient history of the inhabitants of these remote and mysterious places. The walk can be approached from numerous perspectives: discovering nature, history or faith.

As one of the five stages that make up the Via Occidentale, the Teglio–Tirano stretch of the walk was inaugurated on Sunday, 29 September 2020, coinciding with the celebration of the Apparition of Our Lady of Tirano. Covering 11 km and taking approximately four hours to walk, this new section sets off from the Chiesa di Sant’Eufemia in Teglio (elevation 850 metres), following a mix of paved and unpaved roads to the rest area in La Curta, an age-old rural hamlet in the vineyard-lined village of Bianzone, which is a veritable paradise for nature lovers. Continuing along paths through the vines, the route heads above Bianzone and through Villa di Tirano before concluding the stage at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Tirano (440 metres)



Stage 1: PIANTEDO - MORBEGNO | 20 km | approx. 7 hours
Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Piantedo) - Beata Vergine dell'Immacolata (Andalo) - Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Morbegno)

Stage 2: MORBEGNO - BERBENNO | 25 km | approx. 8 hours
Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Morbegno) - Madonna Assunta (Morbegno) - Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Paniga) - Madonna del Buon Consiglio (Gaggio) - Santa Maria Assunta (Berbenno)

Stage 3: BERBENNO - SONDRIO | 13 km | approx. 4 hours
Santa Maria Assunta (Berbenno) - Madonna della Sassella (Sondrio) - Beata Vergine del Rosario (Sondrio)

Stage 4: SONDRIO - TEGLIO | 22 km | approx. 8 hours
Beata Vergine del Rosario (Sondrio) - B.V. delle Grazie di Caravaggio (Montagna - Madonna del Buon Consiglio (Poggiridenti) - Madonna di Loreto (Tresivio) - Madonna del Buon Consiglio (Ponte in Valtellina) - Santa Maria di Ligone (Teglio) – Church of S. Eufemia (Teglio)

Stage 5: TEGLIO - TIRANO | 11 km | approx. 4 hours
Church of S. Eufemia (Teglio) - Sanctuary of the Madonna di Tirano

VIA ORIENTALE: From ALTA VALTELLINA to TIRANO – 66 km (currently in development)

Stage 1: BORMIO - CEPINA | 23 km
Madonna del Sassello (Bormio) - Madonna dei Monti (Valfurva) - Madonna della Misericordia (Uzza) - Madonna di Caravaggio (Oga) - Santa Maria Assunta (Cepina)
Stage 2: CEPINA - GROSIO | 24 km
Santa Maria Assunta (Cepina) - Madonna della Biorca (Mondadizza) - Santa Maria Maggiore (Sondalo) – Parish church (Grosio)

Stage 3: GROSIO - TIRANO | 19 km
Parish church (Grosio) - Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Grosotto) - Madonna di Caravaggio (Tovo S. Agata) - Santa Maria Assunta (Lovero) - Santuario della Madonna di Tirano

For more information, visit the official Cammino Mariano delle Alpi website.

11 Km
4 h
Starting point
End point
spring, summer, autumn

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