The opulent Palazzo Besta in Teglio

A tour de force of Renaissance-era Lombardy architecture 

Teglio’s luxurious Palazzo Besta should be on the map for every traveller to Valtellina. Dating back to the end of the fifteenth century, this aristocratic jewel, which has been decorated over the years with a series of paintings depicting mythological, religious and historic themes, is considered one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Lombardy. 

At the heart of the building, the internal courtyard reveals two rows of arches supported by columns and lavish frescoes on the upper loggia depicting scenes from the Aeneid. Don’t miss the ground floor’s Antiquarium Tellinum on the ground floor, which houses a collection of prehistoric stelae from the Bronze Age, namely the three Caven stones, of which one is the Mother Goddess. Scale the grand stairs to see the Hall of Honour on the first floor, resplendent with scenes from Orlando Furioso, the sala della Creazione (Creation), the study with its handsome umbrella ceiling, and the sala romana (Roman).

First opened to the public in 1927 as a state museum, Palazzo Besta was handed over to the Polo Museale della Lombardia in 2015, who carefully protect and conserve this fine historic site.

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Opening Hours
From Tuesday to Sunday, 10.15 to 12.45 and 14.15 to 16.45.

Entrance Fee
Entry fee 5.00 euro.

Via Fabio Besta, 8
+39 0342 781208
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