The Renaissance-era Basilica Madonna in Tirano

A historical and religious spectacle on the Swiss-Italian border

Amongst Tirano’s bounty of architectural brilliance, the Basilica di Madonna di Tirano truly stands out: an age-old destination for believers from across Europe, it’s a reference point for the region’s past. In 1946,  Pope Pius XII proclaimed her ‘the special celestial patron of the whole of Valtellina’ given the many prodigious events attributed to the Beata Vergine di Madonna di Tirano (the Blessed Virgin of Tirano). This majestic basilica was built on the spot where, according to Catholic tradition, the Virgin appeared in front of local resident Mario Omodei on 29th September 1504, promising an end to the plague that was terrorising the population and animals. Less than six months later, on the 25th March 1505, the very first stone was laid in the presence of the Bishop of Como. 

In all its artistic grandeur, the sixteenth-century basilica represents one of the most monumental renaissance buildings in Valtellina. Inside it features a triple nave in the form of a Latin cross, plus a wealth of stuccoes, sculptures, and works of art. There’s also a grand organ featuring exquisite carvings, first begun in 1608 by Giuseppe Bulgarini from Brescia, and later completed by the Milan-based G.B. Salmoiraghi with the addition of three panels on the organ’s parapet.

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