From Madonna di Tirano to Lughina by eBike

An e-bike friendly route with superb views

A great option for e-bikes, this easy route links Tirano (elevation: 438 metres) with Alpe Lunghina (elevation: 1,468 metres). Set off along the Statale 38 road towards Sondrio. and turn right once you’ve passed the bridge over the Poschiavino. Here’s where the signposted climb up to Alpe Lughina begins. 
The first part is tarmacked, but its series of hairpin turns and gradient that hovers between 15–19%) means it is also the toughest section. With a decent amount of assistance from your motor, you will get through the section without any undue difficulties.

After 7.5 km, the tarmac gives way to compact gravel and the gradient eases, meaning that the rest of the climb to Alpe Lughina is less strenuous. Once you reach the Alpe, any exertion is rapidly forgotten as the view will simply take your breath away: an idyllic Alpine lake surrounded by a smattering of typical mountain cabins, a verdant forest and meadows.
If you can tear your gaze away from the view and head to the right, you can admire the former barracks of the Guardia di Finanza hidden between the trees on a little hill.

Route: Madonna di Tirano, Ragno, San Sebastiano, Novaglia, Romaione, Piatta, Lughina – return to Madonna di Tirano.

20,2 Km
1-2 h
Starting point
Madonna di Tirano
End point
summer, autumn
Elevation (start): 438 m
Elevation (finish): 1468 m
Max elevation: 1468 m
Climbing: 1030 m
Descending: 1030 m
Climb: 9 km
Descent: 9 km
Flat: 2,2 km
Ave. gradient: 11%
Max. gradient: 20%

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