The church of San Giorgio

The medieval church of San Giorgio in Grosio

In the historic center of the town there is the church of San Giorgio, a real jewel in the heart of Grosio which retains its 15th-16th century appearance almost unchanged. In fact, unlike most of the Valtellina churches of the same period, in the following centuries it did not undergo any Baroque-style transformations: a true rarity. Past the portal, you can dive into a unique atmosphere, surrounded by countless works of art: fascinating frescoes, precious wooden sculptures, rich stuccos ranging from the 15th to the 17th century.

Among these, for example, the works of the most famous Valtellina painter of the 16th century, Cipriano Valorsa from Grosio. Near the entrance you can fnd his fresco of the Deposition which, according to tradition, also includes a self-portrait looking at the viewer.

But the beauty of San Giorgio is not only enclosed within its walls: there are many interesting things to see outside, such as the ancient cemetery chapel frescoed by Valorsa with fgures of Saints, under which there is a charnel house dating back to the plague of the 16th century. All this and much more to discover during the guided tours in this authentic treasure of history and art!

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The church is open everyday from 7.30 am to 7 pm. 
You have to open the lock to enter.

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