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Discover Valtellina’s rural roots and mountain culture

Founded in 1973, the Museo Ethnografic Tiranese (Tirano’s Ethnographic Museum) was set up by a group of young volunteers (C.I.G), with the aim of promoting and preserving the heritage of Tirano and its surrounding rural communities. Overlooking the piazza of the Santuario della Madonna di Tirano, the museum has been housed in the eighteenth-century Casa del Penitenziere since 1990 after restoration was carried out by the town.

Spread over four floors, there’s a wealth of artefacts that document Valtellina’s rural heritage, peasant traditions, and handicrafts, with tools and objects from agriculture, wine and cheese production, woodwork and more. A journey back in time, the museum tells the story of working rural life in Valtellina through authentic reconstructions of a kitchen and bedrooms, plus workshops for the barrel-maker and coppersmith, and tools used by tinsmiths and knife grinders, who would tout their wares through the towns to grab the attention of the local women.

Displayed in a room on the first floor, there’s an exhibition of sacred objects, which were donated to the Santuario di Madonna di Tirano in 1636 by Cardinal Richelieu, King Louis XIII’s Chief Minister.

It’s easy to while away the hours here as you check out Valtellina’s rural history and admire the objects in this immersive museum. There’s also a film and photography collection to lose yourself in before being swept up in the archive of ancient local postcards and stamps or the museum’s dedicated library.

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The museum is open from July to October.

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Entry is free.

Piazza Basilica, 30
+39 0342 701181
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