Schiazzera: a panoramic terrace perched over central Valtellina

An awesome MTB route for riders into rugged beauty and breath-taking views

Part of the Five Crazy Down circuit, this route sits on the sun-drenched side of the valley which makes it a stellar choice for riders that want to keep riding as the leaves start to fall and the days get shorter.
Starting from Tirano station, follow the bike path along the River Adda until Lovero, where you’ll cross the bridge and enter Vervio. The paved climb to Alpe Susen starts here. Once there, keep going onto a gravel trail all the way to Rifugio Schiazzera – this part takes approximately two hours. Catch your breath at 2,000 metres of elevation and admire the view over the valley from up high. After the rifugio, you’ll meet the Sentiero Italia trail at 2,176 metres (signposted step 1); keep an eye on the signs to reach the highest point of the route at 2,210 metres above sea level.
With 12 km of smooth-rolling descent to go, expect a mixture of trails, gravel and paved roads and no super steep gradients. The first section down to Sovo (signposted step 2) is an easy, mellow-ish trail, before turning into a dirt track, then a mule track with hairpin turns, and then another dirt track until the tarmac road that brings you out above Baruffini (signposted step 3). The final part down to Tirano cuts through terraced vineyards and offers stunning views, especially in autumn when the landscape erupts in vibrant orange and reds.

37 Km
4-5 h
Starting point
End point
summer, autumn
Start location: 440m
Destination: 2.089 m
Climbing: 1.760 m
Climb: 23 km
Descent: 12 km
Flat: 2 km
Total distance: 37 km
Ave. gradient: 10%
Max. gradient: 18%

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