The mesmerising Ski Area Prato Valentino-Teglio

The panoramic mountainside platform for family-friendly sport and recreation

Sat in the heart of Valtellina, the Ski Area Prato Valentino & Teglio is the setting for this reassuringly compact family-friendly resort, suitable for all generations. In its sun-drenched spot above Teglio, it is the embodiment of the often over-hyped term of ‘mountain balcony’, with extensive views over the snow-capped mountains of the Orobic Alps on the other side of the valley. 

With 10 km worth of runs of varying difficulties, this resort has something for everyone from advanced skiers to first-timers. There’s also a ski and bobsleigh school for children, giving them the chance to learn in a great environment under the watchful gaze of qualified instructors.  .

But Prato Valentino isn’t all about skiing: the ‘Alpe di Teglio is the only resort in Valtellina that boasts a dedicated 2 km run for sledging and tobogganing served by an efficient chairlift, so the fun doesn’t need to end. If that isn’t your thing, there are many options for hiking and snowshoeing on waymarked routes through exquisite snowy scenes, featuring romantic forests and open spaces. Looking for more exertion? Prato Valentino also offers a designated climbing route for ski mountaineers, depositing them safely at the top of the downhill run. 

Ski Area Stats
Altitude: 1700-2500 m.a.s.l
No. of chairlifts: 3
Hourly capacity (person/h): 2200
Alpine skiing: 10 km
On-piste catering facilities: 2

Info and details

 +39 0342 782000
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